Through the effective monitoring of thousands of cameras at once, Foundation-V learns normal vs. anomalous behavior within data streams and issues real time insights that enable security personnel to hone in on potential threats. Foundation-V enables organizations to make the shift from a forensic, reactive security posture to a proactive monitoring and response stance by detecting the unexpected.
Foundation-V Benefits
  • Proactive Anomaly Detection produces real time video alert clips as anomalous behavior occurs.
  • Scalable Situational Awareness allows hundreds and even thousands of cameras to be deployed in hours and monitored 24/7.
  • Elevated Protection Levels enhances visibility and efficiency for security personnel.
  • Continuous Adaptive Learning allows Foundation technology to continuously teach itself normal behavior patterns without trip wires, zones of interest, directional flow or custom programming.

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Integration Options:
Foundation-V’s open systems design is highly scalable and can integrate seamlessly with a wide range of VMS and PSIM solutions, including but not limited to:
  • Cisco VSM
  • VidSys
  • Milestone XProtect
  • Lenel OnGuard
  • OnSSI Ocularis
  • Genetec Security Center
  • Guetebruck GeViScope
  • CNL IP Security Center