Real time monitoring of the SCADA industrial environment provides operational intelligence that can help prevent safety and loss issues and identify opportunities for increased operational uptime.
Foundation-S Benefits
  • Proactive Anomaly Detection alerts operators to abnormal activity before alarm thresholds are reached.
  • Enhanced Integrity Management provides real-time, enhancement to condition-based maintenance.
  • Superior Proactive Monitoring indicates subtle anomalies – even within a “normative” range – that can be precursors to equipment failure.
  • Optimized Production Management helps prevent stop-and-loss issues.
  • Expanded Operator Visibility delivers direct and real-time insight into sensor health.

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Delivery Methods
Foundation-S for SCADA is available in both real-time and historical analysis modes to meet an organization’s unique needs.

Delivery Methods
An on-site installation provides 24/7 real-time analysis and alerting that scales to tens of thousands of sensors across remote and geographically dispersed locations. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is also available for integration with an organization’s existing HMI.