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Powerful video analytics to detect anomalies realtime
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Powerful data analytics for SCADA to mitigate risk and optimize assets
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An intelligent, machine learning based defense against cyber threats
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Powerful forensic data analytics for SCADA operations
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Intellective Ai addresses the limitations of existing analytics technologies through its Foundation technology platform: an advanced, machine learning solution that teaches itself to recognize and alert users to abnormal behavior patterns within massive volumes of data across multiple sensor types. This multi-sensor, data fusion approach allows Foundation to be used across multiple business units within an enterprise and provides insights with greater context through composite sensor correlations of traditionally siloed data sources. The system was designed from the ground up to detect the unexpected – and do so at extreme scale – both from a throughput and industry-application perspective. Foundation learns what data or activity is normal in a given data stream and provides analysts and operators with an alert whenever anomalies are identified that could threaten operations. Foundation integrates easily into existing data analysis strategies, from video surveillance to network monitoring (cyber) and industrial control systems (SCADA) applications.

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