This powerful historical data analysis technology in the SCADA environment supports data scientists and analysts in highlighting SCADA data anomalies before alarm thresholds are reached. Foundation-F recognizes the subtle and often overlooked blips in the data stream that serve as early indicators to pending upset conditions, allowing scientists/analysts to quickly focus on relevant data points for investigation and action for enhanced organizational safety, security and efficiency.
Foundation-V Benefits
  • Faster and Expanded Visibility to anomaly likelihood, trends and patterns to guide data scientists and analysts to reducing risks and improving operations.
  • Superior Anomaly Detection indicates subtle anomalies – even within a “normative” range – that can be precursors to equipment failure and indicators for risk mitigation improvements.
  • Enhanced Anomaly Trending – views of sensors and sensor correlations over time – that can improve product quality and identify operational improvement opportunities.
  • Improved Infrastructure Health Visibility provides precursor alarms for enhancement to condition based maintenance and improved operational uptime.

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Delivery Methods
Foundation-S for SCADA is available in both real-time and historical analysis modes to meet an organization’s unique needs.