A true behavior recognition based defense for network security, this machine learning, real time solution adapts and learns network behavior automatically, allowing it to signal anomalies to help protect computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access, change or destruction.
Foundation-S Benefits
  • Reduced Business Risk that turns “unknowns” into manageable rules, reducing risk of lost profit or customer loss as a result of an unplanned outage or data breach.
  • Improved Human Effectiveness by alerting to significant events in advance of an “emergency,” allowing teams to focus on true issues rather than reacting to (or dismissing) every alert.  Additionally, narrowing the focus for response means fewer analysts required at similar data volumes.
  • Reduced Growth in Costs through improving system and human effectiveness in the face of growing data volumes, allowing teams to handle larger volumes, slowing the growth of upgrades or additional headcount.

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Integration Options:
  • Utilizing a robust API-based architecture, Foundation integrates into all existing Operational and Information Technology infrastructures.  It collects data regardless of format or protocol, including structured, semi structured or unstructured data.
  • Once integration begins, so does the machine learning. Foundation performs a deep review on all data, identifying patterns, establishing normal behavior and ranges and subsequently alerting to anomalous behavior.  Depending on the customer workflow, these anomalies can be presented as alerts in the Intellective Ai interface or directly integrated into existing dashboards or alerting infrastructure.